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I recently designed an assessment task for a postgraduate course in finance, requiring students to reflect on their performances supported by evidence. The type of artefacts the students will be producing would be an ideal collection for a job portfolio. A colleague from the finance field in fact commented that this type of assessment is applicable to, and indeed should be used in, every discipline. Had it not been for my concern about the readiness of the teaching team on implementing alternative forms of assessment, I would have directed the design of the task more explicitly towards portfolio-based assessment.

Nevertheless I couldn’t help but think of possibilities of this assessment approach if applied across a program of study, and I shared my thoughts with the PLE research folk, pointing out that an ePortfolio would be useful for this type of assessment. Nathaniel Fitzgerald-Hood discussed the limitations of ePortfolios in an email to me and asserted that

blog is perfect for this – much better organised and with the likes of WordPress/blogger, very open, standard and interconnected…  

So I decided to get to know WordPress a little more than my current use for it, i.e. posting and sharing my thoughts, experiences and interests in my blogs. I have had a digitised portfolio that I hand-coded a long time ago so I have a pretty good idea of design elements for the interface.

I am happy to note that my experiments in my blog site have worked… WordPress can indeed host my artefacts as well as document my life experiences and evolving thoughts on a variety of interests. It is very easy to create and manage pages, and I’m glad I gave it a try.

My next experiment will extend this site into my PLE… watch this space 🙂

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