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Twelve months into my doctoral candidature, I experienced an inner turmoil, uncertainties, self interrogation, critical reflection and finally elation for having eventually understood that there was indeed a bigger problem that needed addressing. This meta problematic will bear a critical part in my research agenda not only during my candidacy but also beyond. It now points me to the direction I can hopefully pursue, having recognised the narrowness of the conceptual frame I initially proposed. Yes, there is a bigger problem and deeper questions that at this point I cannot begin to imagine what likely answers I may uncover.

This new discovery has reinvigorated me, within which came a new goal for the project. Previously, if I were to be honest, my goal was to complete within my nominated timeframe… I knew what I was doing, my longitudinal design experiments more or less gave me the answers to the problem, therefore I can finish as scheduled. However, moving my candidature to The University of Newcastle had changed all these. My new supervisors asked me to 1) articulate where I see myself in 5 years time, i.e. what work would I be doing; 2) identify the place of my research in a specific field of education; and 3) explain what I will be contributing to knowledge. I now have answers to all these questions, which concurrently came about as a result of thinking in a larger frame about my thesis and reflecting on my true goal and aim for undertaking the project in the first place. I no longer care if I finish in 3, 5, or 8 years’ time because what I hope to discover is knowledge not yet known to anyone.

And so here I am with a re-framed thesis which is exciting and scary all at once. I like the analogy I used in one of my learning designs a few years back, that of being a tourist in a learning journey… a journey to the unknown, full of anticipation and excitement, and with it comes risks and maybe some disappointments along the way. I guess I need to practice what I preached… feel the fear but do it anyway!

I will share my re-framed thesis in my next post.

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