Winners are grinners: Outstanding Paper Award

Posted on: June 19, 2009

And so my research journey continues with an amazing reward that I never dreamed of getting.

I am relatively new to research and getting my paper reviewed is always the aim when I submit. I figured that even if the paper doesn’t get accepted there remains significant learning to be had – the reviewers’ feedback is often very enriching. But getting a paper accepted at a prestigious conference gives me a different level of buzz. To me it means a possibility of getting a fair hearing for what I have to say and share, as well as getting valuable feedback.

I have a 100% acceptance rate to date, as I said I am very new to all this so this outcome alone I find overwhelming. One of my ‘critical friends’ advised me to “enjoy it while it lasts” that the longer my acceptance record keeps, the worst the feeling of the first rejection. I brace myself  every time and am always preparing for the worst. Well now I am throwing caution to the wind… as noted in my earlier post, I want to share this journey. Let this be the small beginning of my sharing.

My recent submission with a collaborator was at ED-MEDIA. When the reviewers suggested to consider submitting the paper to the International Journal of eLearning I was ecstatic because up until this point, I had been too scared to submit to journals. I have always been envisioning failure not success! 

Recently, I have been celebrating the paper’s selection to receive the Outstanding Paper Award, which will be presented in Honolulu, Hawaii the day before the allocated presentation slot at ED-MEDIA 2009. I have just finished preparing for the presentation, see the slides below or download the presentation notes pages version.

3 Responses to "Winners are grinners: Outstanding Paper Award"

G’day Nona,

Interesting to see the evolution of your presentations about the the Machinima. I like the approach you’ve taken in these slides.

It will be interesting to see how you go covering it all in the time allowed. Sure you’ll generate lots of interest.


Thanks for your feedback David.

The paper is pretty much in a similar format of telling a story, which was also the approached I used at ASCILITE Melbourne 2008. As you know it generated quite a bit of interest there, including some invitations from other universities.

Before I left, I received an email from someone at University of Sydney who was at my ASCILITE presentation last year. He informed me that what he and his colleagues are doing at HERDSA this year is inspired by my presentation. Good to know that this research has generated a healthy interest… hope it continues at ED-MEDIA 🙂

Oh and thanks for the warning about timing, I’m planning to record my practice so I can keep time.

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