Thoughts on PLE

Posted on: August 17, 2007

The current proposed schema for Personal Learning Environments in my mind very much supports the view of learning from the andragogical perspective. Reading between the lines of its evolving conceptual framework PLE has the potential to “re-invent” the notion of self-directed learning and really support learner control in not only formalised curricula but also those informal self-generated learning engagements. I say re-invent because I believe that the Web 2.0 technology has the power to embed the true meaning of autonomous learning within PLE and empower students to have control over their learning in the current information-rich landscape. Using the Web 2.0 framework, and depending on the how the PLE is implemented at institutional level, can encourage students to learn anything and everything that takes their fancy that goes beyond the traditional institution-focused approaches to learning. If we do it right, PLE can give credence to what lifelong learning really is… more on this later.

Stephen Downes’ writing and messages are continually changing my views on technology + learning (= eLearning). He gives a unique perspective on eLearning, for example his description of “pull” instead of “push” use of the web explains neatly one of the main tenets of Web 2.0 for me. I recently came across a video presentation ,”Web 2.0 and your own development”, which Stephen produced and delivered. I think it’s a capstone for conversations about new technologies within the Web 2.0 framework.

Here’s the link:


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